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A day at Hershey Park


The signage for parking lot was very confusing.
Maybe it was the RV show.
Maybe it was wrong GPS location - we ended up in the employee parking (the guy at the booth didn't even wait for us to ask a question - he used a well rehearsed speech "right, right left, u-turn" - so I am guessing this is not a new problem.)
Maybe is was user error.
Regardless - it took us 65 minutes to go 2.2 miles.
Never like paying $15 to park. Really?!
Sad ALL shows were closed.

The park is a blast.
Especially with $38 discount tickets from various online specials
Our day was the 2nd to last Saturday before they closed for the season.

Liked the app - walking directions to rides and time of wait was pretty accurate.
Loved: Great Bear (60 min. wait) and SkyRush. (35 minute wait)
Our 21 month old granddaughter and teen sons had plenty to do and see.
Oh, the Dipping Dots are a classic & .99 cent drink refill was nice.

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