Transforming Center

    2012 – 2014

    I was at a near burnt out condition in my leadership journey.


    A friend in ministry told me of her experience in the 'Transforming Community.'


    I invited my wife Lori to join me for the 2-year Transforming Community 7. (TC7)

    • It was hard.
    • Rich.
    • Eye-opening.
    • Life-giving.
    • Transformative.

    Along the way I came to totally agree with the founder and retreat leader:


    "The most important thing we bring to leadership is our own transforming self."

    - Ruth Haley Barton

    Cedarville University

    BA Communications 1981 – 1984

    I'll never forget my first day at Cedarville.


    I was 20.

    I was choosing classes and a major.

    I found myself in a long line.

    When I got to the front, I discovered I was talking with the Chairman of the Communications Department, Dr. James Phipps. When I asked him what major I might choose he said/asked:


    "What can't you do with a Communications Major?"



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