• The 'ACCIDENTAL' Coach, STRATEGIST, ENTREPRENEUR & ametuer travel writer

    "Mark is a proven leader who truly cares for others and achieves

    tangible results through his own efforts and those he leads.”

    - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance

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    After a doctor 'accidentally' cut a blood vessel in my back leaving me temporarily paralyzed ~ my life took on a dramatically new trajectory. Thank God and a skilled neurosurgeon I can walk again.


    As a result, after 23 years in the hospitality industry, I left the CEO role to heal. It has been a long, painful and at times discouraging journey. Through new relationships and projects I am discovering healthier paths forward.

    As a husband of one, father to five, and proud 'papa' to a new grand-daughter I love life.


    As a seasoned CEO with a 26-year track record of organizational turnarounds, brand innovation, exceeding revenue targets while delivering 99% customer satisfaction - I love to inspire leaders and their organizations to GROW by telling better stories.

    • “Mark draws people into the future by the vision he casts…” Bob Wood, CEO 
    • "Mark is like the person in a lighthouse. He sees the bigger picture of leadership with clarity." - Greg Mengarelli, President.
    • “Mark is creative, innovative and passionate …” Gregg Hunter, President
    • “Mark is an inspirational catalyst…” Jim Fletemeyer, Owner
    • “The culture blossomed under Mark's leadership, becoming vibrant & innovative.” Tom Boyer, CEO
    • “Mark is an exemplary leader with great strategic vision and a true innovator.” James Doherty, CEO



    • TripAdvisor: Senior contributor with hundreds of reviews - 110,352 readers - see here
    • Hundreds of business and personal improvement articles locally and nationally 
    • Contributed to NY Times best seller, The Shack Reflections
    • Created, delivered and sold original self-published training:

      • The VOWELS of Leadership

      • Marketing without a Marketing Director™

      • Marketing Instincts™

      • Circle of Hospitality

    Speaking and training

    • NFL: Redskins, pre-game, Monday Night chapel 
    • Storyteller - bringing hope and healing (if you need a speaker at your next event let's chat)
    • Corporate: For and non-profit
    • Conferences: Hundreds of small and large venues



    For 129 different for-profit and non-profit organizations including market research for AT&T, Nissan, Red Lobster, Nestle, Speedstick, Citi, and Office Depot.

    Recognized for:

    • Storytelling
    • Focusing leadership
    • Developing dashboards
    • Increasing sales
    • Caring for staff and customers
    • Leadership development
    • Public speaking
    • Coaching
    • Fundraising
    • Strategic planning
    • Organizational development

    Do questions really unlock opportunities?



    "Brick walls are only obstacles to those who ask no questions."


    Mark P. Fisher

    Entrepreneur | Leadership Coach | Marketing Strategist | Storyteller | Amatuer Travel Writer


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    Curiosity Without Care = An Invasion





    “Leadership is not as much about knowing the right answers, as it is about knowing the right questions.”


    ~ Bob Tiede,

    Leading with Questions





    “Questions pry open problems.” 


    Andrew Finlayson,

    Questions that Work


    "When you say, 'tell me about you' - you invite people to talk about whatever is most important to them - what they care about, what they dream about, what they hope for, what they fear. It's a brilliant question. It's the key that unlocks another’s soul...

    ~ Dan DeVos - CEO of DP Fox Ventures & Chairman Orlando Magic


  • my motto...

    "Have fun but get it done." ~ Mark P. Fisher


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