Those who know me...

    Tom Boyer

    President Infrared Tools LLC

    Sandy Cove grew amazingly under Mark's leadership. The organization became very focused on its mission. The health of the people in the organization improved and turnover dropped dramatically over the years. The culture of the organization blossomed under Mark's leadership, becoming very vibrant and innovative.

    Suzanne Folke, MSA, PHR

    Human Resources Consultant

    In the 8 years that I worked with Mark, he artfully and bravely lead the organization through many challenges, that would have scared off most others. He cared deeply for the people- both guests and staff. Mark brought life to the office AND to top it all off....he was FUN to work with and for!

    Robert Wood

    President  - John H. Myers & Sons

    As a board member of Sandy Cove through Mark's journey there, I’d like to highlight one of the layers of Mark’s leadership that isn’t measured simply by improved ministry or financial metrics. Mark can facilitate the development of a vision, but more importantly bring along leadership and board teams to enable the vision come alive. In my opinion when he joined Sandy Cove we were selling programs and facilities. As he departs Sandy Cove to begin the next phase of his journey, we sell our guests experiences that incorporate connecting with community, creation and Him, through His Word. You might think there is little difference, but the difference is significant. Mark draws leadership and guests into the experience of the vision he casts, helps develop tools to measure its effectiveness and invests himself personally in the journey. As best as I can put it, the culture is just different, almost special. It can be seen through empowered leadership, rich business processes and the working relationships Mark fostered with the Board.

    Steve Prudhomme

    President at Grace Adventures

    Mark is a passionate leader who is tuned in to the changing culture and is able to provide solutions to today's leaders and the organizations they lead. He is relational, needs driven and dynamic in his ability to assess, develop and coach people to bring alignment into their lives personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Mark to assist you and your company to maximize its potential.

    Gregg Hunter

    President Christian Camp and Conference Association

    I've known Mark P. Fisher for more than four years. I met him early in my time at CCCA, and found that the reputation he had built among Christian camping leaders was well-earned: Mark is creative, innovative and passionate about his pursuit of excellence in ministry. I appreciate Mark's willingness to ask the tough question, and I watched him several times speak the words that others were thinking, but were hesitant to voice. He has a way of digging deeper into an issue to get at the heart of the matter, which leads others to look more deeply as well. I appreciate Mark's candor, his tenacity and his passion to lead with excellence.

    Dan Busby

    Church and Religious Organization Accreditation

    It has been my privilege to know and interact with Mark in his role at Sandy Cove Ministries. Sandy Cove is accredited by the organization I serve--ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). Mark is a dedicated and creative leader and a committed follower of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to number him among my friends!

    James Doherty

    C12 Group Area Chair at The C12 Group

    As a member of The Board of Directors of Sandy Cove Ministries, I worked closely with Mark for many years and coached and mentored him for two years, as Chairman of The Board of Directors.
    Mark is an exemplary leader with great strategic vision and a true innovator.
    Mark has a great understanding of the people issues, and understands the importance of completing projects on a timely basis, as well as, beating bottom line goals and metrics.
    He is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a gift for listening, which makes him a great problem solver.
    I highly recommend Mark for a position of senior leadership.

    Dr. Timothy Schauer

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    I have had the honor of serving with Mark P. Fisher for almost 2 years at Sandy Cove Ministries, in North East, MD, from 2011-2013. As my supervisor, I found Mark to be generous; not only to myself, but to others. He was unwavering in his focus on results but also demonstrated compassion.

    As a leader, Mark is very capable of creating consensus through his infectious enthusiasm and by his ability to clearly articulate vision. In fact, I have found Mark to be one of the best communicators I have encountered. Lastly, Mark is a student of copious amounts of information, in part, I suppose, because of his natural curiosity and, in part, because of his desire to stay current and effective.

    Michael Stillman

    President CEO at Mac it corp

    Mark and I served on a non-profit board together. His leadership as a board member was excellent. He was able to help the board navigate through some very difficult issues and arrive at a solution together.

    He has wisdom beyond his years and I learned from him as I watched him lead.
    He would make a great leader for any organization.

    Darrell "Coach D" Andrews, CSP

    Motivational Strategist, Accountability Coach, Speaker

    Leadership from my perspective is best defined as one who is willing to serve, while they are leading. It is rare to find a person who understands this leadership principle but I have personally seen it in action in the leadership of Mark P. Fisher as the head of Sandy Cove Ministries. Most leaders are only concerned with the x's and o's of running a ministry, however, I personally witnessed Mark spend copious time interacting with customers, assisting his employees where needed, supporting the community and turning Sandy Cove in a true refuge and haven for those who visited. I HIGHLY recommend Mark for his next job assignment for one thing I know for sure, he will give it his all. I am not one to write recommendations but this one was easy. You will get a proven winner if you hire Mark to work with your team. I wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors.

    Brian Tippitt

    Versatile Graphic Designer and Idea Catalyst

    Known and worked with Mark for many years and he is a loyal friend. Gets the big picture of things as well as the details most might miss. Able to juggle many tasks and responsibilities with a smile and genuine concern for others. Branding, marketing, hospitality, hosting, serving, encouraging....

    Ken Nair

    Founder and President at Life Partners Christian Ministries

    I have known Mark P. Fisher for twelve years. During those many
    years as Mark’s mentor I have had the joy of observing his learners
    spirit and his commitment to what is right.

    He has the natural ability to keenly evaluate what is involved in
    acquiring the understanding and skills necessary to fulfill what is
    being required of him.

    He possesses an excellent capacity to work with people and has a
    genuine interest in and care for those he is responsible for. He is a natural as a consultant.

    Due to his high level of creativity, he has the ability to transcend
    traditional ideas, rules and patterns along with the ability to create meaningful new ideas,
    forms, methods and interpretations.

    You will find that he is able to prove himself a great asset to whomever he is working for or with.

    His private and professional testimony validates what an excellent
    student he has been in his quest for Christ-likeness. His goal to
    literally illustrate Christ has benefited both himself and his family
    along with all those who come in contact with him.

    Guy Bratton

    Non-Profit Management

    My time working directly with Mark was brief, but it became a foundation for an ongoing friendship and a reference point for all that is right in the world. Mark is extremely intelligent and visionary--both of which I recognize as overplayed words in the land of recommendations, but I mean them sincerely. Mark really does have the ability to see that which is along with that which can be. I am always impressed at the subtleties that he observes and pieces together in order to arrive at keen insights into complex situations. He is direct and truthful, while gracious. He is transparent and real, uniting his core integrity with a full grasp of his own shortcomings.

    Mark is the real deal and would be an asset in any role that he would be willing to accept.

    David Hodge

    Sr. VP for North American Ministries at Walk Thru the Bible

    I've known and worked with Mark Fisher for the past decade and recommend him for his visionary leadership and his passion for people. He is one of the most innovative and creative people I know!

    Todd Metzler

    Experienced Corporate Finance Professional at DuPont

    Mark is a proven leader who truly cares for others and achieves tangible results through his own efforts and those of his dedicated staff. I was always blessed and encouraged in every interaction I ever had with Mark at Sandy Cove. He truly wants others to know Christ better and put into practice the teachings of the Holy Bible.

    Paul Lantz

    Staff at CBMC

    Mark Fisher and I have worked together on seminars and conferences in the past. Mark has always been professional and a joy to work with. And, I gained additional knowledge about marketing from Mark's marketing seminar.

    Stan Beachy

    Physician at Women's Health Specialists

    I have known Mark for over a decade and we have worked closely together as board members of a non-profit Christian ministry. Mark is very talented as a leader and is committed to demonstrating Christ-likeness in his life and relationships. His wisdom has been a source of blessing to me, and I know, from first hand observation, to many other men.

    Jon Lokhorst

    Development Director at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp & Retreat Center

    What strikes me about Mark is that he is very serious about his ministry, while not taking himself too seriously. Fun, energetic and passionate, Mark is an innovator when it comes to serving and ministering to guests. He’s visionary and results-oriented, but truly cares for the people around him at the same time. Most important, Mark is deeply committed to his faith and family.

    David Taylor

    Pastor at Christ Quest Ministries

    If you are looking for someone to help you see a situation from a unique perspective then you will want to talk with Mark Fisher. He brings an uncanny ability to evaluate and give honest and Godly feedback. Refreshing, in a word, would describe contact with Mark.

    Renee Dixon

    Executive Director of Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Program

    Mark is an expert in the field of Marketing. He brings his wonderful sense of humor to the job which enhances the out come. I have used Mark as a consultant for conferences as well as a presenter at conferences. Mark has such talent in so many areas. I would highly recommend him for any area he is being considered for.

    Jim Fletemeyer

    Owner, Fletemeyer & Lee Associates, Inc.

    Mark Fisher is a inspirational catalyst to those who are fortunate enough to have had him interact in their lives. He's a hands-on motivator with an infectious energy that's never proud, but makes you proud to serve. Exceptional is the right word.
    Jim Fletemeyer, President, Fletemeyer & Lee Associates,
    Architects, Landscape Architects, Camp and Conference Center Planners

    Stan White

    Vice President at Hume Lake Christian Camps

    In some ways it is hard to describe Mark because he is so versatile and skilled. He is both intentional and spontaneous. He is both creative and very thoughtful. He is both insightful and fun loving. He is both sensitive and challenging. He is both big picture and gives attention to the smallest detail. He is, if anything, firmly grounded in God's Word and his relationship with Christ. He is diligent in living that out to the glory of His Heavenly Father. I have the utmost respect for Mark as a colleague and as a friend. It would be a great privilege to serve and co-labor with him for the cause of Christ.

    Paul Neighbors

    Executive Director at Gracie's Ministries

    I have known Mark Fisher for nearly twenty years as we've both served in the Christian camp and conference hospitality industry. Mark is well known as an energetic, insightful, and passionate professional who cares deeply about his ministry and the guest experience. His compassion became evident as he extended incredible hospitality to a family of mutual friends during a time of significant need. Mark is a blessing!

    Mario Zandstra

    Former Pres & CEO of Pine Cove, Inc.

    I have known Mark for nearly 15 years. I have seen him meet the challenge in a wide variety of circumstances and in a wide variety of opportunities. His ability to lead as the chief executive of a large ministry has been an inspiration to many.
    Mark also has the unique blend of relational skills and expectation for excellence. Mark can inspire, fund raising, create vision, and be the one who is responsible for the execution of a well-thought-out plan.
    Mark has the strength of being able to be the chief executive of any organization. Mark also the humility to be a key member of a team of an organization that is making a difference in the kingdom of God.

    I endorse Mark without reservation.

    Nate Parks

    Executive Director/CEO of Berea

    I have known Mark for years as a learning leader always looking for the next challenge to grow through. He loves to work with people, to motivate and grow them no matter where he finds himself at the time. He loves to tell a story and create an unforgettable picture which is what makes Mark. Mark. Through challenge and adversity he always seek the fun in the process. Certainly, his effect on people is lasting which make those of us who know him appreciate him even more. I hope you get a chance to work with Mark, I would certainly recommend it.

    Michael Staires

    Creative Director at St. George Creative

    Leadership is about inspiration and motivation, blazing a trail others will follow. That's what Mark is all about. He's able to connect with others in a way that is genuine and authentic. He's an open book, a man of integrity with a long history of quality leadership. He's committed to community. And he's dedicated to purpose.

    Doug Leeper

    Instructor at California Association of Code Enforcement Officials

    I have known and worked alongside Mark for a number of years. I have found him to always be a caring individual. His love for Christ comes across in all that he does. He is not only creative in his approach to business but also, and perhaps more importantly, in his appreciation of relationships. Everyone is important to Mark and he is able to demonstrate that in a way that others understand. Beside being and innovator and big picture thinker he is detail oriented. No job or task is small or insignificant - in his eyes all the pieces of the puzzle link together to form the picture on the box as it were. It is always a pleasure to work alongside Mark.

    Britt Jones

    filmmaker/storyteller at Global Reality. Finding the "heart" of the story that will move viewers to action!

    Mark is a man of integrity who lives by Christian/Biblical principals. He is a man of his word and a man you can trust.
    Above all, he is passionate about spreading the message of Jesus Christ.
    He is creative, spunky, and has a great sense of humor. Working with him is a pure joy!

    Jim Ford

    Account Executive at Associates Graphic Services

    In the many years I have known Mark, I have found him to be honest, loyal, caring, grateful, a leader, a follower, a counselor, a listener, a speaker and all the other things a good man should be. Above all, I find him to be a friend!

    Dean Ridings

    Representative, Navigator Church Ministries

    I've had the privilege of knowing Mark P. Fisher for some 20 years, since I began editing the flagship magazine for the Christian Camp & Conference Association. I have always respected Mark as a senior leader and skilled practitioner in the industry, a "go to" person when I needed an article on a variety of camp and conference center topics. I certainly recommend him.

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